Photo credit: The Elf on the Shelf 

Photo credit: The Elf on the Shelf 


When Santa Claus hired me to be his Head Elf at The Elf on the Shelf®, I had one job: be a purveyor of all things Christmas magic, every day. In a world where reindeer fly, rambunctious elves get into silly antics, and scout elves become part of families all over the world, I never anticipated the magnitude of opportunities that would come from working with Santa Claus and his scout elves.  

While I can stand back and look so proudly at everything I accomplished over the last seven years in my career, including landing The Elf on the Shelf® a balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the highlight of my career has been this exchange I made on behalf of Santa Claus. Read ahead:

Dear Santa,
I’m not sure if I belive anymore. The peices are all coming together.
How do i know your really not the owner of the website writing back,
or that my parents do it, it is there handwriting and we have the same
wrapping paper. When ever i say i belive everyone laughs. How come
every thing i get has a price code? The elf on the shelf looks
plastic, and 50% of the people i know don’t belive. the other 50 are
babys. Am i getting to old for it? It’s not to late. Please let me
know before it is.

Brennan Stewart

Dear Brennan,
Thank you for writing me - in fact, I don’t think you could have
written at a better time. Right now, I’m taking a break from the
workshop because I wanted to spend some time with your very special
letter. Although you don’t believe in me or you aren’t sure, I want
you to know that I believe in you. I believe in you and the spirit of
Christmas you carry in your heart, and I believe in all the amazing
things you do on a daily basis - trust me, you really are an awesome
kid! You don’t have to believe in me, if you don’t want to, but I want
you to know that you are never too old to love Christmas and you are
never too young to ask questions. However, if I were you, when people
laugh about you believing in me - I would shrug it off. Everyone can
believe in what they want to believe in, and age is just a number
after all.

Keep up all the great work you are doing! Christmas will be here
before you know it. And please know, you’re at the top of my list this

Your friend,
Santa Claus


Dear Santa,
I officially belive with all of my heart. You’re right - who cares
what other people think. Me is me. You totally changed me. Me is me
and i love me. My parents tell me the easter bunny is not real, i
think he doesn’t know were back here in the woods. I tell them i
belive in what i belive. Thank you so much. I will never outgrow you.
I know that came from your heart - not some computer saying the same
thing to boys and girls overtime. If people tell me reasons you might
not be real you’ll know what I’ll say - it’s possible but it did not

I love you,
Brennan Stewart